You Want Dumpster?

— Jenifer Leichhardt

Trim the corners, turn the pillow cover right side out, gently push out the corners with a chopstick, and press. The jar keeps the binding from unrolling and spilling all over the floor under my feet as I slowly feed it out and sew it onto the quilt. This is all completely hilarious to end-of-July me, who tossed that list aside back in June and is now wringing every last drop of relaxation out of each waking moment before lesson plans and homework take over my desk again. In the middle of May with summer stretching out before me, I always make an ambitious to-do list for the months ahead, convinced that I’m going to get so much done. Working with these staff members and designers has been such a privilege, and I’ve learned so much through this chance to do something that I honestly never thought I would get to do. Not only did they give me the chance to create three collections, but they’ve given me fabric to use for so many special projects. So to everyone from the RBD office who has been so kind and tote bags factory helpful to me these past three years, and to all the amazing RBD designer friends who have blessed my heart with love and encouragement — thank you .

Share them with a friend who loves scraps, hold a giveaway on social media or at your sewing guild, or celebrate a full basket by using them to make a scrappy project of your own. A quick invitation to all you Tilda fabric fans out there: my friend Julie of The Intrepid Thread has a monthly Tilda Club subscription box that only opens for enrollment twice a year, and this is one of those times! After I finish pressing my strips of fabric for quilt binding and sewing them together, I wind the long strip into a small circle and place it into a heavy, clear glass cookie jar, pulling one end out of the jar to start sewing. I keep one in my bedroom so that in the evenings I can pull out my latest project, have a nice flat surface in my lap for sewing while I watch a movie with my husband, and then slip everything back inside when it’s time for bed.

She says that while there are horror stories out there, it often comes down to miscommunication and whether each side is a good fit for each other. There are great tutorials online for making both tabletop and TV tray versions of this little gem, and it allows you to keep your full size ironing board stored away unless you need it for a larger project. I look to my right, I look to my left and they’re not there. The hemmed edges should point toward the center, overlapping each other, and the opposite raw edges should line up with the shorter right and left sides of the pillow top. The more parallel the lines of force are relative to each other, the larger the force effect for a given energy input. What materials are not allowed in the dumpsters? Even though we keep our parties simple and small, the girls are always allowed to choose a theme, and they literally start talking about next year’s party before their big day is even finished. When I asked them if they could donate material so that I could make burp cloths for a local pregnancy clinic that I support, they sent me a huge box packed to the brim with soft flannel goodness that allowed me to sew the stack above and still have plenty leftover to give to the clinic for future needs.

Sure, you have a watering can. Just recently I ordered a rolling cart with removable wire trays that I can slide out and set on my sewing table while I’m working, and I absolutely love it. It was found out that during the night, the skin goes through a process of elimination and cannot breathe properly if it is clogged with make up. I buy several spools of it every time I see it in the dollar section at Target since it goes with just about anything! If I need to take a break, everything goes back in the tray so I don’t lose anything while the work is in progress, and it slides easily back into the cart, leaving my sewing table clean. Make sure to take your mobile needs and the availability of a mobile app into consideration when evaluating different systems. Speaking of Riley Blake, I want to take a moment to say thank you. Wire baskets are a wonderful way to showcase bundles of fabric that you don’t want to separate. For many, celebrating heritage is a way of understanding one’s own identity more deeply. Dec. 6, 1979 10 «Heritage» 7:30 P.M.

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