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Osaka, Japan — Images projected onto objects in the real world create impressive displays that educate and entertain. The researchers found that, using their method, they could project texture images onto objects without making the object appear to glow. In addition, the projected images always look like they are glowing, but not all real objects are luminous, which restricts the range of objects that can be displayed. If you’re not sure where to look for cinematic fashion inspiration, this quiz can help. Remember to remove faded flowers by deadheading, or pinching or cutting off the flower, to encourage more blooms and help the whole plant stay healthy and fresh. If you’re what’s known as the discoverer of a Web site (i.e., the first person to have stumbled across it and rated it), then you may not be able to remove your rating. Make a thin paste of vinegar and salt, then spread the paste on rust stains in fabric. His stipulations didn’t make the cut, however. Where we need to have a full-time person managing and so, we’ll need to adjust the budget considerably to make that happen. In an update to its support page on Thursday, Apple says you can continue using apps from alternative marketplaces while traveling for long periods — but you’ll need to come back to the EU to get the latest version.

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To find out how much electricity that light bulb consumes, you need to know how long it’s left on (watts x hours, expressed in watt-hours). One aspect they evaluated was whether the objects were perceived by humans in aperture-color mode (where the colors appear to radiate from the object itself) or surface-color mode (in which the light appears to be reflected from a colored surface). Instead, the textures were perceived to be the true colors of the object’s surface. Conventional texture projectors are then used to map the texture onto its shadowed surface. There are some cool fans, and workout towels then there are Lakers fans. We have the biggest collection of LA varsity jackets designed especially for those NBA followers who are die-heart fans of Kobe Bryant. Whether you are an Aaron Donald fan or a Cooper Kupp fan, we have Los Angeles varsity jackets for every admirer of LA Rams. Grab a fresh jacket that has the LA Rams logo right on your chest, exactly where it belongs. If you’re on the market for something a bit sleeker, a wool coat, structured trench or blazer may be right for you.

It may also be because the right hemisphere is traditionally thought of as the «intuitive» hemisphere, while the left hemisphere is the «logical» one. Calhoun was also prohibited from selling or transferring shares he got after exercising his option grants until he left Boeing. Calhoun holds 107,195 options priced at $258.83 that expire in February 2031, and 68,240 shares priced at $260.98 that expire in February 2032, said Ben Silverman, vice president of research at insider stock sales analysis firm Verity. Calhoun outright owns 69,812 shares currently and he holds 25,767 phantom shares-stock units that are treated like stock-that he accrued for board service and that will be distributed to him as common stock upon his separation from the company, according to Silverman’s analysis. Calhoun holds 175,435 options that are currently underwater, meaning the price of Boeing’s stock, $191.14, is lower than the exercise price of his options. The total $45.5 million Calhoun can collect from his options will depend on how the next CEO fares in the job, giving Calhoun a huge stake in his successor’s success. Calhoun’s total pay in 2022, based on the company’s 2023 disclosures, was $22.4 million, including $8.5 million in options, $8.5 million in stock and $3.4 million in an annual cash bonus.

His total compensation his first year was mainly stock valued at $21 million. Calhoun joined the Boeing board as a director in 2009 and became board chair in October 2019. The board elected him president and CEO on Dec. 23, 2019. At the time, the board set Calhoun’s base salary at $1.4 million with an annual bonus of $2.5 million, plus additional long-term incentives including $7 million if he could get the 737 MAX safely returned to service. Dennis Muilenburg, who was fired by the Boeing board after two fatal crashes and a 10-month grounding of all the company’s 737 Max jets, collected $80 million on his way out the door but did not pick up a severance package. In 2013 De Gruyter acquired two academic publishers from Cornelsen Verlag: Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag and Akademie Verlag. As you explore the various slots where you can add profile information — for example, «philosophy,» «activities and interests» and «sports» — consider taking the time to be honest and precise. In future, the researchers plan to add more projectors to handle the complex illumination in the areas next to the display object.

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